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For 100 years now the Stables pork pie recipe has been kept a huge secret and guess what? We are going to carry that secret on! So we will be making the Amazing Stables pork pie for many years to come. Over the years since 1920 Stables Pies has adapted and expanded to suit the needs of its customers, so today Stables makes a wide variety of savoury pies for you all to enjoy, we of course are looking into expanding our range even more but we will however be sticking to the proud roots of Johnny Stables.

Our History

It all began in 1920, originally as a pork butchers in Keighley, founded by Johnny Stables. His son, Billy Stables took over the family business in 1954, keeping the famous pork pie going! Billy’s son in law, master butcher Michael Ward, bought the business in 1969. He wanted to keep the famous Stables Pies alive and he grew the business to include other products and wholesale baked goods. Forty years later Michael retired and stables pies was taken over by a former employee David Smith.

Stables pies was then relocated to Lancashire, near Clitheroe and taken over by the Murphy’s. Who continued to provide wholesale pies, including the famous pork pie, to Yorkshire and now Lancashire. Today, 100 years on, it has been taken over by us! We want to carry on Johnny Stables legacy by expanding the bakery and to carry on producing the amazing Stables Pies!

A little about us

Callum started as an apprentice baker at Woods Craft Bakery in Brownhill. From there, he worked his way up in various bakery’s to become bakery manager in 2 large business’ well known locally. It was always Callum’s dream to own his own place and the opportunity arose for him to take on Stables Pies. We are so excited to not only carry on the famous pork pie but expand and grow Stables Pies and offer quality baked products throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire. We look forward to treating you soon.

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If you’d like to contact us please use the form we will work hard to reply to all enquiries as soon as we possibly can. Due to the restrictions around COVID, we cannot welcome anybody in to the bakery at this time and should you need to visit or collect from us we ask you to ring the door bell and we will have someone assist you as soon as possible.

We look forward to answering any queries you may have.

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